Andrew Barclay Works No1142       NCB No29 0-4-0ST

AB 1142 at NCB Frances, Fifes - August 1973.jpg

This locomotive was built in 1908 for the Fife Coal Company and entered service there at the Mary Pit at Lochore as No 20. It was renumbered as NCB No 43 after the nationalisation of the coal industry and moved to Cowdenbeath Central Workshops around 1950.

About 1954 the locomotive moved to the Lindsay Colliery at Kelty which is about two miles north of Cowdenbeath in Fife.

In December 1957 nine miners died in an underground explosion which was adjudged to have been caused by miners smoking underground.

In 1963 the locomotive returned to Cowdenbeath Central Workshops and was renumbered as NCB N0 29.

After a short spell at the Bogside Pit in 1970 the locomotive moved to Frances Colliery Dysart early in 1971.

In September 1974 it moved to Bowhill Colliery in Fife.

In 1975 the locomotive was sold for scrap but was later acquired and put on display in a play park in Danderhall in Edinburgh. It stayed there for fourteen years.

It was moved to the Prestonpans Mining Museum in the 1980s.

In October 2017 it moved to the Shed 47 Railway Restoration Group which is based in the former Royal Navy Stores Depot at Lathalmond near Dunfermline. The aim is to restore the locomotive to make it the first working steam locomotive at the site.

AB 1142 at NCB Frances, Fifes - August 1973.jpg
1142 at NCB Frances, Fifes – August 1973

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