Andrew Barclay Works No 1338 Dalmellington Iron Co Ltd 0-6-0T

Andrew Barclay 1338 on the Waterside System, Damellington - August 1977.jpg

The locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay with 18in x 24in outside cylinders, 3ft 9in diameter wheels and weighed 45 tons

This locomotive was built in 1913 and delivered to Dalmellington Iron Co Ltd and based as number 17 at  Dunaskin Locomotive sheds in Ayrshire.

It worked traffic to and from the collieries and ironworks on the extensive Waterside system, with its six and a half mile long main line and maximum gradient of 1 in 35. The ironworks closed in 1921, and, in July 1931, its owners became Bairds and Dalmellington Ltd. Like its three 0-6-0T sisters, it acquired a cut down coal wagon as a makeshift tender for the runs up to Pennyvenie, Minnivey and Houldsworth collieries.

On the nationalisation of the coal industry in January 1947 it became a National Coal Board (NCB) locomotive and, as it had to enter British Railways exchange sidings, it received Railway Executive registration No.469 of 1952 and was, as such, subject to regular inspections by British Railways (BR). It also carried NCB plant No.E/SL 14 on its buffer beam.

No.17 was sent to the NCB′s Cowdenbeath Central Workshops in Fife, just before the closure of the Waterside system in July 1978. It was then moved to the Withdrawn Machinery Stores at Arniston, Midlothian for storage in March 1979.

In October 1980, it moved to the Tanfield Railway at Marley Hill where it is still based.

It was being restored at the Llangollen Railway until the summer of 2021 when it was due to go to the Gwili Railway where it was planned to complete the work.

AB 1338 at Waterside Colliery January 1973.jpg
1338 at Waterside Colliery – January 1973
Andrew Barclay 1338 on the Waterside System, Damellington - August 1977.jpg
1338 on the Waterside System, Damellin – August 1977
AB 1338 Tanfield Railway April 2012.jpg
1338 at the Tanfield Railway – April 2012
1338 under restoration at Llangollen before departing to the Gwili Railway for the work to be completed – June 2021

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