Andrew Barclay Works No 1659     East Tanfield Colliery Company Ltd 0-4-0ST

Andrew Barclay 1659 at the Tanfield Railway - August 1989.jpg

The locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay with 14in x 22in outside cylinders, 3ft 5in diameter wheels and weighed 28 tons.

This locomotive was built in March 1920 and started work at East Tanfield Colliery Company Ltd at East Tanfield Colliery in County Durham (the site of East Tanfield Station). It was named Stanley. In 1929 the owners became the South Derwent Coal Company Ltd.

On the nationalisation of the coal industry in January 1947 it became National Coal Board (NCB) locomotive number 32. It was moved to the Bowes Railway, Marley Hill shed in May 1950 and repaired by its builders in the same year.

The locomotive was registered by the Railway Executive and given No.1782 of 1953 to enable it to enter British Railways exchange sidings and was, therefore, subject to regular BR inspections. In October 1950, it returned to East Tanfield Colliery, moving back to Marley Hill sheds in July 1954. In May 1968, No.32 moved to Springwell Bank Foot shed on the Bowes Railway, only to move to Starrs locomotive shed, Wrekenton the same month.

In September 1971 it moved to Shop Pit shed and finally to Springwell shed, for storage, in April 1973.
Stanley moved to Marley Hill in July 1973, and was operated there in preservation in its NCB black livery, as No.32. It has recently been moved off-site for completion of its overhaul. No.32 is one of the few locomotives preserved that worked on parts of the Tanfield Railway before preservation.

The locomotive is normally based on the Tanfield Railway but is currently off site at Brookside Engine Co Ltd undergoing an overhaul.

AB 1659 at Shop Pit, Lamesley, on the Bowes Railway - August 1971.jpg
1659 at Shop Pit, Lamesley, on the Bowes Railway – August 1971
1659 at Ravensworth Park near Lamesley in the Team Valley – April 1973
Andrew Barclay 1659 at the Tanfield Railway - August 1989.jpg
1659 at the Tanfield Railway – August 1989
1659 at Marley Hill on the Tanfield Railway – 1994

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