Andrew Barclay Works No 2134  W T T Coronation 0-4-0ST

AB 2134 at Carnforth - July 2008.jpg

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1942. It was one of five locomotives that worked at British Gypsum sites along the Settle-Carlisle railway. It became Bitish Gypsum W T T.

In 1970 four of the locomotives (Works Nos 1969, 2134, 2343, and 2361) were bought for Steamtown at Carnforth for £1,100.

The owner of this locomotive had it repainted from its faded green version of the W T T  livery to blue. The owner then sold the locomotive to another private buyer who repainted it in a green coronation livery and attached Coronation nameplate from a Hunslet locomotive.

The locomotive has steamed in preservation at Steamtown at Carnforth in the early 1980s but now the depot is the home of West Coast Railways and no details of the locomotive appear to be available.

2134 at Thistle Plaster Works, Kirkby Thore – circa 1969
2134 at Carnforth – May 1975
Andrew Barclay 2134 at Steamtown Carnforth – August 1978
AB 2134 at Carnforth - July 2008.jpg
2134 at Carnforth – July 2008

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