Andrew Barclay Works No 2219    No 17 0-4-0ST

AB 2219 At Bedlay Colliery Glenboig - May 1977.jpg

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1946 and was supplied new to Prestongrange Colliery.

At some time after 1950 the locomotive was moved to Lady Victoria Colliery.

In 1979 the Prestongrange Railway Society were given permission to collect the locomotive from Butlerfield, a coal stocking site near Lady Victoria.

Once returned to Prestongrange, the locomotive was kept in working order, however it was not steamed again.

The locomotive carries the number Southern Lothians No 17.

It is currently housed in the Pithead Bathhouse at Prestongrange Mining Museum.

NCB engine no17
This photograph is reproduced courtesy of the East Lothian Coal Mining Museum (LCMS). It is not known when it was taken.
AB 2219 At Bedlay Colliery Glenboig - May 1977.jpg
2219 at Bedlay Colliery Glenboig – May 1977
Andrew Barclay 2219.jpg
2219 at Prestongrange Mining Museum – March 1982

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