Andrew Barclay Works No 2315   Lady Ingrid 0-4-0ST

Andrew Barclay 2315.jpg

This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1951 for the South of Scotland Electricity Board and was deployed at the Braehead Power Station in Renfrew on the south bank of the River Clyde. The power station was built after the Second World War and operated until the 1980s.

In preservation the locomotive steamed again on the Strathspey Railway where it carried the name Clyde.

The locomotive moved from the Strathspey Railway to the Spa Valley Railway but this appears to have involved some time at the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway in between.

At the Spa Valley Railway the locomotive has been given the name Lady Ingrid.

The locomotive steamed on the Spa Valley Railway in the mid 2000s before being taken out of service for an overhaul.

After extensive repairs to the boiler it was returned to the Spa Valley Railway from Casey Engineering in Dover in September 2019.

Andrew Barclay 2315.jpg
2315 on the Strathspey Railway – April 1981

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