Andrew Barclay Works No 945 Annie 0-4-0ST

Andrew Barclay 945.jpg

This locomotive was built by the Andrew Barclay company in 1904 and was delivered new to S J Claye Ltd at Long Eaton in Derbyshire.

S J Clave manufactured and repair of railway waggons. In 1937 the business was acquired by  Charles Roberts & Co. Ltd who was a rival waggon builder.

The locomotive appears to have spent time in preservation at the Lavender Line but is now based on the Whitwell & Reepham Railway in Norfolk.

The locomotive last steamed in 2012.

A restoration fund has been established at the Whitwell & Reepham Railway to pay for the restoration of the locomotive.

Andrew Barclay 945.jpg
945 at Whitwell & Reepham Railway – October 2011
945 at Whitwell & Reepham Station – September 2019

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