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2818 was built at Swindon in December 1905 and allocated to Pontypool Road depot.  It cost £2,458 to build and completed 1,584,890 miles whilst in service.


It was fitted with a superheated boiler in April 1910.

2818 is one of very few which retains inside steam pipes.

BR motive power depot allocations since 1948.

Date Arrived Depot
January 1948 Westbury
April 1948 Salisbury
September 1948 Westbury
December 1948 Salisbury
December 1949 Westbury
February 1950 St Phillips Marsh
August 1952 Swindon
August 1959 Cardiff Canton
September 1959 Ebbw Junction
April 1963 Neath

Whilst at Ebbw Junction the engine was stored for six months before being put back into service in December 1962 until withdrawn nearly a year later.

It was the longest lived standard two-cylinder GWR engine and had achieved the highest mileage of the class when withdrawn. It was also the oldest to retain its original inside steam pipes. These factors determined that it was selected for preservation.

2818 was stored in the open at Swindon from December 1963 until December 1965.

Oddly 2818 was restored in 1966 at Eastleigh Works rather than at Swindon.

The National Railway Museum have agreed to give the locomotive to the Swindon Museum under the ownership of the Swindon Borough Council.

Home Base Current Status Owner
National Railway Museum – Locomotion Shildon On static display National Railway Museum

NRM Object Number{1976-7001}

2818 in National Railway Museum at York-2005.jpg 2818 in the National Railway Museum at York-2005
2818.jpg 2818 in Locomotion at Shildon-2016

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