30245 (LSWR 245, SR E245, SR 245 & BR 30245)

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Of the entire fleet of M7 engines which remained in existence, 30245 was the eldest, having been completed at Nine Elms Works in April 1897 (at a cost of £1,400) and withdrawn over 65-years later, in November 1962. As a result, it was selected for preservation as part of the National Collection.

Whilst in service under BR ownership it was employed at Exmouth Junction from 1948 until Moving to Barnstable in May 1952. In December of 1952 it was transferred to Nine Elms where it stayed for nearly a year before moving on to Redhill in November 1953. It returned to Nine Elms in January 1954 and remained there until withdrawn from service in November 1962.

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
National Railway Museum – YorkStatic displayNational Railway Museum NRM Object Number{1978-7020}
30245 hauls empty stock from Waterloo through Vauxhall station – date unknown
30245 on Nine Elms shed – April 1960
30245 at Brighton Station Open Day – June 1973
30245 at Woking open day – May 1988
30245 at Waterloo – The Ian Allan Network 150 Day – October 1988
30245 at Ropley on the Mid Hants Railway – 1989
30245 at the National Railway Museum at York- July 2013
30245 at the National Railway Museum at York – January 2016

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