41000 (MR 2631, MR 1000, LMS 1000 & BR 41000)

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2631 was designed by Johnson and built at Derby in 1902 at a cost of £3,340 and was fitted with a large double bogie tender. The original bogie tender was replaced in 1911 with a six-wheel tender. The locomotive was rebuilt by Deeley in 1914 when it was fitted with a superheated boiler.

It was initially allocated to work from Leeds but in 1922 moved to Gloucester and then Saltley in before returning to Gloucester in 1937.

It was withdrawn from service at Derby in 1951 having clocked up 1,687,378 miles whilst in service.

It was stored at Crewe from 1953 until 1959 when it was restored at Derby to its 1914 condition. This including fitting a boiler produced at Crewe in 1946 and the cylinders replaced. It was also fitted to a tender that had originally been fitted to a former Somerset & Dorset 2-8-0 53805 (and therefore not strictly of the correct pattern) was attached.

A test runs were made in 1959 and was then used on special trains until 1962 when it was repainted at Derby for installation at the Museum of British Transport at Clapham.

When the Clapham museum closed  the locomotive as 1000 was transferred to the new National Railway Museum at York in April 1975.

It was returned to steam in order to take part in the Rail 150 S&D cavalcade at Shildon in August 1975.

From April 1976 it was used to haul occasional railtours, but usually double-headed. It was loaned to the Dinting Railway Centre at Glossop from October 1978 until May of the following year. In 1980 it took part in the Rocket 150 cavalcade at Rainhill in May 1980.

1000 last operated on a railtour on the Settle-Carlisle line on the 12 February 1983 when it double-headed with Jubilee class 4-6-0 45690 Leander. This was however not its final run on the main line as it hauled a private NRM charter from York to Rochdale on the 28th September 1983. After leaving Rochdale it travelled to Manchester Victoria so that it could reverse around the triangle at Miles Platting.

Since being taken out of service it has been on display at various railways including the Bo’ness & Kinneil, the Severn Valley Railway (in the Engine House at Highley) and Barrow Hill Roundhouse. It has though never steamed on a heritage railway apart from at the Dinting Railway Centre.

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
On loan to Barrow Hill RoundhouseStatic displayNational Railway Museum

NRM Object Number{1975-7018}

41000 at Birmingham New Street - 1959.jpg
41000 at Birmingham New Street – 1959
41000 at Derby – June 1959
41000 at Kings Cross on an Ian Allan Railtour - April 1960.jpg
41000 at Kings Cross on an Ian Allan Railtour – April 1960
41000 in the Clapham Museum - October 1968.jpg
41000 in the British Transport Museum at Clapham – 1968
41000 in the British Transport Museum at Clapham - 1972.jpg
41000 in the British Transport Museum at Clapham – 1972
41000 at Steamtown Carnforth - May 1976.jpg
41000 at Steamtown Carnforth – May 1976
41000 at York piloting 45690 Leander – October 1978
41000 at York - October 1979.jpg
41000 at York – October 1979
41000 pilots 60103 Flying Scotsman near Bingley - May 1980.jpg
41000 pilots 60103 Flying Scotsman near Bingley – May 1980
41000 at Rainhill as part of the Rocket 150 cavalcade – May 1980
41000 at Neville Hill – October 1981
41000 on its last day in steam when it worked from York to Rochdale and return. This photo shows 41000 at Hebden Bridge heading for Rochdale – 28th September 1983
41000 in the National Railway Museum at York – January 2005
41000 in Barrow Hill Roundhouse – March 2015

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