65567 (GER 1217, LNER 8217, LNER 5567 & BR 65567)


65567 was built at Stratford Works as GER 1217 in May 1905 as a GER class F48 (LNER class 16) locomotive. It was fitted with a superheated boiler and had a vacuum ejector fitted in September 1923 and reclassified as a LNER class J17 engine.

This locomotive has no particular claim to historical fame, apart from being among the last former GER 0-6-0 to remain traffic in the summer of 1962 (It was withdrawn in August 1962). It is part of the National Collection and it has been suggested that it should be restored to its original J16 class form without the superheater as strangely there are no 0-6-0 locomotives in the National Collection in that form although GER 1217 and GWR 2516 both started life in that form).

The GER was one of the larger British railway companies which existed prior to 1923, but unlike its contemporaries it had no coal traffic which originated on its essentially rural territory in East Anglia. It did, however, convey domestic coal to London from the Midlands (via Peterborough) and South Yorkshire (via March), and so possessed a large fleet of 0-6-0 locomotives.

BR Motive power depot allocations.

Date Arrived Depot
1st January 1948 Melton Constable
December 1951 Norwich Thorpe
October 1955 Melton Constable
October 1958 Lowestoft
September 1960 Norwich Thorpe
April 1962 March

Melton Constable was an important railway centre with lines converging from all directions providing connections to key East Anglian towns such as King’s Lynn, Norwich, Cromer, Fakenham, Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

65567 hauled the last steam service out of Norwich at the end of March 1962.

65567 was withdrawn from service in August 1962 and went to Doncaster for cosmetic restoration before going on display at the National Railway Museum at York in 1990.

In 2008 it moved to Barrow Hill Roundhouse where it remains on static display.


Home Base Current Status Owner
Barrow Hill Roundhouse On static display National Railway Museum

NRM Object Number{1978-7026}

65567 at Bressingham - May 1975.jpg 65567 at Bressingham – May 1975
65567 60532 Barrow Hill 2015.jpg 65567 in Barrow Hill Roundhouse with 60532 Blue Peter in the foreground-2015
65567 Barrow Hill 2015.jpg 65567 in Barrow Hill Roundhouse -2015
65567a.jpg 65567 in Barrow Hill Roundhouse -2015


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