78059 was built at Darlington in September 1956.

Motive power depot allocations.

Date Arrived Depot
September 1956 Chester Northgate
April 1959 Llandudno Junction
November 1959 Bangor
April 1964 Holyhead
October 1964 Bangor
June 1965 Willesden
October 1966 Nuneaton
May 1966 Stoke
October 1966 Crewe South

Withdrawn in November 1966 after a working life of just over ten years. It was sold for scrap to the Barry scrapyard of Woodham Brothers where it arrived in June 1967.

It remained at Barry until May 1983 following its purchase by members of the Bluebell Railway Trust with the intention of converting 78059 to a tank engine version as 84030. The logic being that there are no tank engine versions of the 2MT class locomotive preserved.

78059 was one of many locomotives from purchased from Barry without a tender as the tender had been sold by Woodham Brothers to Duport Steelworks at Briton Ferry where it was used to carry heavy ingots of scrap steel. Tenders such as this were shorn of their bodies and finally met their end in Duport’s own furnaces.


Home Base Current Status Owner
Bluebell Railway  

Being used to build 84030


Bluebell Railway Trust

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