7822 Foxcote Manor


7822 was built in 1950 at Swindon Works at a cost of £10,500. The locomotive was originally allocated to Oswestry depot, where it was used to haul both passenger and freight services over lines such as the Cambrian Line and the now-closed Ruabon Barmouth Line. It regularly hauled the “Cambrian Coast Express” from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth. It was also allocated to Chester shed during its lifespan. 7822 saw a variety of services in her 15 year mainline life, from double headed Manors on the Cambrian as well as frequently working 2 or 3 coaches with a goods or milk wagons attached to the rear around Salop in the latter days of steam.

BR motive power depot allocations.

Date Arrived Depot
December 1950 Oswestry
April 1954 Chester
August 1958 Oswestry
December 1963 Machynlleth
January 1965 Shrewsbury

It was withdrawn in November 1965 from Shrewsbury and was towed to Woodham Brothers scrapyard. On withdrawal it was estimated to have covered 550,000 miles whilst in service. It languished there until 1974 when it was rescued for preservation by the Foxcote Manor Society which had been formed a couple of years earlier. It was initially taken to Oswestry (site of the Cambrian Railway Society) for restoration work, but moved in 1985 to the Llangollen Railway, a restored part of the Ruabon Barmouth Line, where the Society erected a purpose built shed in order to carry out the restoration work in. (This shed is now the boiler shop).

It was the tail end of the 1980’s before 7822 was in service, the infrastructure work done on the Llangollen Railway afforded it a few miles to stretch its legs on.  7822 emerged from the Manor Shed in 1987 painted in BR lined green livery with a ten year boiler ticket. As the reputation of Llangollen Railway grew so did the reputation of the Manor, it hauled trains at all events and on Good Friday 1990 famously hauled the first passenger train to reach Deeside Loop since the closure of the line in 1965. The manor had become part of the fabric at Llangollen Railway, and its reliability was fundamental in developing the growth of the line.

7822 continued to work into the 1990’s before being placed out of service for scheduled overhaul in 1998, it was a quick turnaround which saw it back running in 1999 at a cost of nearly £95,000. The next overhaul was scheduled at the end of the boilers ten year ticket, this afforded 7822 the chance to participate in Steel Steam and Stars 1 alongside engines like the Dukedog 9017, an engine class that would have shared the lines across Wales in the 1960’s.

In 2008 it went back into the shed and would not be seen running for almost 3 years, but 7822 returned in time for the Spring Steam Gala in Llangollen. Since then 7822 has been a regular performer at Llangollen receiving running repairs along the way of course but the work of the members and the skill of the fitters at Llangollen have kept maintenance work well under control. These repairs have included repair work on 7822’s boiler and the fitting of a new piston. As it stands in December 2014, 7822 has now been out of traffic for 13 months and has serious work to be done, the boiler is receiving serious unplanned attention with the intention of getting a new ten year ticket.

7822 is remains based on the Llangollen Railway, but it has seen regular services on the Llangollen Railway and has been on loan to the West Somerset Railway, Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway, South Devon Railway, Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, Great Central Railway (Nottingham) and even The North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

7822 is once again operational on the Llangollen Railway and remains owned by the Foxcote Manor Society.

The locomotive is scheduled to operate on the West Somerset Railway during 2018 after running there in 2017.

It is scheduled to operate there again in 2019 following a bottom end overhaul at Tyseley during the winter of 2018/19. It would have gone to the Llangollen Railway but the owners would have had to fund the locomotives move to Llangollen whereas the West Somerset Railway are paying for the move to Somerset.

The owners are exploring the possibility of replacing the firebox at the locomotive’s next overhaul which adds to the need to raise finances. Although, the boiler is only three years into a ten yer certificate it has already suffered from cracking and wastage in the firebox lap seams. In this context it is relevant to note that although the locomotive was built in 1950 the boiler dates from the 1930s and was first fitted to 7819 Hinton Manor which was completed in 1939.

Home Base Current Status Owner
West Somerset Railway Under overhaul Foxcote Manor Society
7822 Foxcote Manor at Aberystwyth - June 1964.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor at Aberystwyth – June 1964
7822 Foxcote Manor at Llangollen - July 1989.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor at Llangollen – July 1989
7822 Foxcote Manor at Llangollen - September 1989.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor at Llangollen – September 1989
7822 Foxcote Manor at Bury on the East Lancs Railway - June 2003.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor at Bury on the East Lancs Railway – June 2003
7822 Foxcote Manor at Crewe Works Open Day - September 2005.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor at Crewe Works Open Day – September 2005
7822c.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor at Llangollen on the Llangollen Railway-2011
7822 near Glyndyfrdwy-2013.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor near Glyndyfrdwy on the Llangollen Railway-2013
7822 7822 Foxcote Manor at Glyndyfrdwy on the Llangollen Railway-2013
7822 at Keighley-2016.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor at Keighley on the KWVR-2016. 45212 is waiting on a goods train behind.
7822a.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor at Keighley on the KWVR-2016
7822b.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor in front of 34053 Sir Keith Park at Oxenhope on the KWVR-2016
7822 approaching Berwyn tunnel-2016.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor approaching Berwyn tunnel on the Llangollen Railway-2016
7822 Foxcote Manor on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway - September 2016.jpg 7822 Foxcote Manor on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway – September 2016


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