92203 Black Prince


92203 was built at Swindon in April 1959 and was one of the class members built with a double chimney.

Motive power depot allocations.

Date Arrived Depot
April 1959 St Phillips Marsh
September 1960 Old Oak Common
May 1963 Banbury
September 1966 Birkenhead

It was withdrawn from service in November 1967 whilst based at Birkenhead where it had been employed on hauling heavy iron ore trains from Liverpool docks to Shotton Steel Works. It hauled the last steam-hauled iron ore train from Bidston docks to Shotton on 6th November 1967.

It was withdrawn only a short time after having its last overhaul. It was in fact on of the last locomotives to be overhauled at Crewe Works where it left in January 1967 a month before 70013 Oliver Cromwell was outshopped as the last overhauled locomotive at Crewe.

It was purchased from BR by David Shepherd for £3,000 and ran under its own steam from Crewe to the Longmoor Military Railway at Longmoor Camp in Hampshire where it was given the name Black Prince.

In May 1970 922203 was moved to Liss on what was to become the Longmoor Steam Railway.

When the Longmoor Military Railway closed in 1971 it moved to Eastleigh Diesel Depot where it remained until 1973. Whilst there it hauled a main line train from Oxford to Hereford and Worcester in May 1973.

In 1973 92203 moved to the East Somerset Railway which David Shepherd was one of the founders of. It steamed from Eastleigh to Westbury and then on to Cranmore in November 1973. In April 1975 92203 ran from Cranmore to Eastleigh and back.

92203 was withdrawn from service in November 1978 and had its boiler overhauled at Husbands Shipyard at Marchwood near Southampton. The overhaul was completed by September 1979.

In September 1982 92203 hauled the heaviest freight train in Britain when it pulled a freight train of 2,198 tonnes at Foster Yeoman’s Tor Works.

It visited a number of heritage railways before going on extended loan to the Gloucester & Warwickshire Railway at Toddington until the its boiler certificate expired in 2002. Following overhaul 92203 remained on the Gloucester Warwickshire Railway until 2010 when it moved on extended loan to the North Norfolk Railway (NNR).

Following overhaul on the NNR the locomotive returned to service in 2014 and was purchased by the railway in November  2015.


Home Base Current Status Owner
North Norfolk Railway Operational North Norfolk Railway
92203 Black Prince-Near Holt-2017.jpg 92203 Black Prince near Holt on the North Norfolk Railway-2017
7714 & 92203 Black Prince-Sheringham-2017.jpg 92203 Black Prince with 7714 as pilot at Sheringham on the North Norfolk Railway-2017
7714 & 92203 Black Prince-Holt-2017.jpg 92203 Black Prince at Holt on the North Norfolk Railway-2017

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