9682 was built at Swindon at a cost of £5,280 and entered service in May 1949.

BR motive power depot allocations since 1948.

Date Arrived Depot
May 1949 Tyseley
July 1960 Aberbeeg
November 1964 Radyr

9682 was withdrawn in August 1965 having covered more than 250,000 miles and sent to Barry scrapyard. It was bought by the GWR Preservation Group in 1982 and, after overhaul at Southall, returned to traffic in 2000. It has since been loaned to various heritage railways, most recently the Chinnor and Princess Risborough Railway. It was taken out of service in June 2009 and returned to Southall for overhaul and the GWR Preservation Group are selling 4110 to raise funds for the work.

At the end of September or early in October 2018 thieves stole £35,000 worth of parts associated with the locomotive from a stores van at Southall. There was some difficulty in assessing which parts had been stolen as the person who had been working on the locomotive had previously left the group who owned it. The Group were preparing to sell the locomotive so the loss of parts is anticipated to affect any sale.

In December it became known that the locomotive had been sold by the GWR Preservation Group although the name of the buyer was not disclosed. It was later made public that the locomotive had been bought by the Dean Forest Locomotive Group.

When the locomotive moves to the Dean Forest Railway it will join classmate 9681.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Dean Forest Railway Dismantled Dean Forest Locomotive Group

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