Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn Works No 7416 Agecroft No 1 0-4-0ST

RSH 7416  Ribble Steam Railway Feb 2013.jpg

Three steam locomotives were built in 1948 by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns in Newcastle to shunt wagons at the Agecroft Power Station.

This locomotive was retired in 1980 and was saved from the scrapyard as a result of being purchased privately.

In 2008 it was purchased by the Museum of Science and Industry at Manchester in a dismantled state. It then underwent a three year restoration programme which cost £120,000. It has subsequently operated at the museum.

The other two locomotives which worked at Agecroft have also been preserved.

  • Number 2 was bought by the Ribble Steam Railway
  • Number 3 is being restored at Whitwell & Reepham railway station in Norfolk.
Agecroft 1 Manchesr 2011 Agecroft No1 at Manchester Museum of Science & Industry-2011
RSH 7416  Ribble Steam Railway Feb 2013.jpg 7416 at the Ribble Steam Railway – February 2013

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