Andrew Barclay Works No 1950 Heysham 2 0-4-0F

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This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay in 1928 and delivered new to the Corporation of Liverpool Electricity Dept where it became No 3.

It was a fireless locomotive which means that it had a steam accumulator rather than a boiler and was charged up with steam from a stationary boiler. The availability of high pressure steam meant that the fireless locomotive was a very efficient method of traction.

It had 15 inch x 18 inch outside cylinders and 3 feet driving wheels.

In 1966 the locomotive was transferred to Lancaster Power Station. The power station sidings in Lancaster were on either side of the Lancaster Canal embankment and connected via a line under an aqueduct. The locomotive worked here (together with Andrew Barclay 0-6-0F Works No 1572 which is also preserved).

1950 remained at Lancaster until the plant closed in 1981 at which time the engine moved to Heysham Power Station where it shunted flask wagons at Heysham nuclear power station until replaced by a battery electric locomotive.

The locomotive spent a number of years on display at Southport after being delivered on long term loan in 1993, before moving with the collection to the Ribble Steam Railway in April 1999.

The locomotive was cosmetic restoration in 2006 and is currently exhibited in the museum building at the Ribble Steam Railway.

1950 at the Ribble Steam Railway – September 2012

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