Black, Hawthorn & Co Ltd Works No 305 Bauxite 0-4-0ST

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The locomotive was built in 1874 by Black, Hawthorn & Co Ltd as works number 305.

It worked at an aluminium smelting plant where it pushed wagons of bauxite rock into the smelters. The large buffers allowed the locomotive to shunt wagons with different buffer heights over badly laid track.

It came to the end of its working life in 1947 and went to a scrapyard for disposal. The scrap merchant decided to preserve the locomotive and donated it to the North Eastern Engineering and Historical Society.

The locomotive has been conserved rather than preserved.

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
National Railway Museum at YorkOn static displayNational Railway Museum– NRM Object Number{1953-354}
Bauxite in the Science Museum in South Kensington – May 2008
Black, Hawthorn 305 Bauxite at the National Railway Museum at York – October 2017

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