Bodmin & Wenford Railway


The locomotives listed below are normally based on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway but do visit other heritage railways. The list includes those still to be restored as well as those which are operational. Other locomotives also visit the Bodmin & Wenford Railway for events or periods of hire.

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4575  2-6-2T  GWR  Churchward & Collett

5700  0-6-0PT  GWR  Collett

6400  0-6-0PT  GWR  Collett

W G Bagnall

42076-Bodmin & Wenford Railway-Bodmin General-2018-4612.jpg

42086-Bodmin & Wenford Railway-Bodmin General-2018.jpg

42082-Bodmin & Wenford Railway-Bodmin General-2018-30587 & 75178 Bagnall 2766.jpg

42085-Bodmin & Wenford Railway-Bodmin General-2018-4612 & 6435.jpg