W G Bagnall Works No 2766 WD75178 0-6-0ST

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See LNER class J94 for details.

This locomotive is an Austerity type locomotive built for the Second World War effort by W G Bagnall in 1944. Bagnall built the locomotive as a sub-contractor to Hunslet Engine Co Ltd. Bagnall built 52 of the 377 that were built for the War Department between 1943 and 1947. This locomotive carried the number WD75178.The LNER bought some of these locomotives which became the J94 class.

The locomotive was sent to France in February 1945 but arrived too late to take any active duty in the Second World War. After two years in store at Calais it was returned to Britain and stored at Watnall Colliery in Nottinghamshire from June 1947.

It was used by the National Coal Board at Park Colliery at Treorchy in Glamorgan as No 2 from July 1947. It was one of three Austerity locomotives based at Treorchy – Hunslet 3849 arrived in 1957 and Hunslet 3881 in 1962. 2766 was purchased to use at Treorchy to replace an ex Alexandra Dock Railway Peckett.

It is believed that 2766 was moved to Ocean Colliery at Blaengarw in Glamorgan later in 1947. It became the spare at Blaengarw in April 1967.

It is reported to have operated at Treorchy between 1966 and 1970.

In September 1971 it was damaged when it a runaway accident.

It was repaired at Maesteg Workshops during 1975 before going to the Maesteg Locomotive depot where it was used until it moved to the Bristol Suburban Railway at Bitton in March 1977.

In March 1978 it moved to what was then the Dart Valley Railway which is now the South Devon Railway.

After a very lengthy restoration undertaken by the Cornish Steam Locomotive Preservation Society the locomotive steamed again on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway in October 2017.

2766 at Treorchy with a boy who remembers the locomotive and dates the picture as post May 1968
2766 next to 30587 at Bodmin on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway – April 2018

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