Dübs & Company    Works No 4101 0-4-0CT

Dubs 4101 at Foxfield Railway  Oct 2011.jpg

This locomotive was built by Dübs & Company in 1901and was delivered to Shelton Iron & Steel Works Limited, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The engine weigh 34 ton engine and has 14inch diameter by 22inch stroke outside cylinders, single slide bars and Laird type crossheads. A slewing engine powers the jib through 360 degrees, whilst situated within the construction of the jib, a reciprocating engine gives a lifting capacity of five tons. The boiler does not have a dome due to the restricted clearances, the regulator valve being mounted on the front tubeplate.

For the next 72 years, ‘Dubsey’ (as it was always known but never named) was at Shelton and upto 1968, was an extremely useful workhorse around the steelworks complex, dealing with heavy lifting jobs and with rerailing locomotive or wagons which had come off the track. A new boiler was fitted by Kerr Stuart in 1921.

The coal fired locomotive was converted in 1961 to oil burning.

It was taken out of everyday service in 1968 and replaced by diesel cranes. In April 1970 it was purchased by Mr.B.G.Buckfield, Mr.N.J.Smith and Mr.R.P.Weisham for preservation and placed in store. It was taken out of store in September 1973 when it was transported to the East Somerset Railway at Cranmore.

It became the shed pilot and assisted with heavy lifting jobs.

A hydraulic boiler test was carried out in the summer of 1977 and the oil buring equipment removed. The locomotive was returned to service in September 1977 in its original condition as a coal-burner.

After almost nine years continuous service, including invaluable use during the building of the Mendip Vale extension, the locomotive was withdrawn from service in June 1986 pending heavy boiler repairs.

In 1999, the locomotive was sold and subsequently moved to the Foxfield Railway. T was returned to traffic there.

It was under repair on the Foxfield Railway but by the summer of 2020 it was operational.

4101 at Shelton Iron Works – circa 1966
4101 at Shelton Steel Works – circa 1969
Dubs 4101 at Foxfield Railway  Oct 2011.jpg
4101 on the Foxfield Railway – October 2011
Dubs 4101 Foxfield Railway  October 2012.jpg
4101 on the Foxfield Railway – October 2012
Dubs 4101 on the Foxfield Railway - July 2015.jpg
4101 on the Foxfield Railway – July 2015

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