GNR 251 (GNR 251, LNER 251N, LNER 3251 & LNER 2800)

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GNR 251 was built at Doncaster in December 1902 as the first example of the C1 class.

It was fitted with a superheated boiler in August 1918 and in December 1923 the valve gear was changed to piston valves. The frames and cylinders are believed to have come from 1438 which retained this feature up to withdrawal in August 1947. The (superheated) boiler came from GNR 278 which was condemned in July 1945.

Depots allocated to-

March 1924Grantham
April 1925Doncaster
February 1934Sheffield
March 1937Kings Cross
February 1938Sheffield
July 1946Kings Cross

It was withdrawn from service in July 1947 whilst based at Kings Cross.

Following withdrawal from service it was placed on static display at the LNER York Railway Museum which was then based in Queen Street. This museum had been opened in 1925 on part of the site of the York Queen Street Works.

In 1953 it was steamed for a series of specials celebrating the centenary of Doncaster Works. The restored 251 exhibited poor steaming due to its saturated boiler that still retained the flues from a previous superheater. Hence, these specials were piloted by class C2 990 Henry Oakley. In 1954, 251 hauled more specials, this time it was often helped by D11 62663 Prince Albert

After a visit to the Doncaster Paint Shop, 251 returned to the York Museum in March 1957.

251 remained there until 1975 when the National Railway Museum at York was opened and the locomotive was moved to the new museum.

It remained at the National Railway Museum until September 2004 when it moved to the National Railway Museum at Shildon upon the opening of that museum. It stayed at Shildon until April 2005 when it moved to Bressingham Steam Museum where it was on static display until April 2012 when it moved to Barrow Hill Roundhouse.

In January 2021 the locomotive was moved to the Danum Gallery Library and Museum at Doncaster. The NRM has agreed an initial three year loan agreement for the locomotive.

Home BaseCurrent StatusOwner
Danum Gallery Library and Museum at DoncasterOn static displayNational Railway Museum

NRM Object Number{1975-7005}

990 Henry Oakley pilots 251 through Potters Bar with a Doncaster 150th anniversary special train from Kings Cross to Doncaster – September 1953
Stirling Single No1, 60800 Green Arrow, 49395 & 251 in Locomotion at Shildon – April 2015
251 at Barrowhill – February 2014
251 in Locomotion at Shildon – January 2016

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