Hudswell Clarke     Works No 1308 Rhos 0-6-0ST

Hudswell Clarke 1308.jpg

This locomotive was built by Hudswell Clarke in 1918 for Lloyds Ironstone Co at the Corby & Glendon Quarries in Northamtonshire.

It was eventually absorbed into the Stewart and Lloyds Company and subsequently with the nationalisation of the steel industry it came under the ownership of British Steel.

The locomotive operated in the Glendon and Corby areas hauling quite heavy iron ore trains considerable distances for which it had been fitted with a full mechanical lubrication system.

Rhos was transfered to the nearby Glendon East quarries in January 1952.

Reverting to Corby in 1957, it holds the distinction of being the last steam locomotive to have received a full overhaul in Corby Works.

Rhos headed an Industrial Railway Society visit to Cory in the late 1960’s.

After diesels took over the operation of its duties Rhos was sold and put on display at Burnham Market for many years.

The locomotive was then bought sold and stored at the Rutland Railway Museum Cottesmore. It was then moved to Wansford on the Nene Valley Railway where a overhaul of it was started in August 2001.

Around 2017 the locomotive was purchased by the 1308 Trust with the aim of preserving and restoring the locomotive. It is intended that it will join the fleet of locomotives at Rocks by Rail (The Living Ironstone Museum) at Cottesmore.

In early 2018 it was revealed that the theft of a large quantity of components had occurred which put the restoration of the project in doubt. At the time of the theft the restoration of the locomotive had progressed to a point where it had been re-wheeled and had its boiler fitted. The fear of the group undertaking the work is that the locomotive will have to be mothballed owing to the huge cost of replacing the stolen parts.

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