Hunslet    Works No 1493 0-4-0ST

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This locomotive was built in 1925 by the Hunslet Engine Company to work at the Pye Hill Colliery at Jacksdale in Nottinghamshire . It latter became known as Pye Hill No 2 when the nearby Selston/Underwood Colliery became known as Pye Hill No 1. The shaft known as No 2 dates back to 1866.

The cab on this locomotive was cut down to increase the head room clearance. The locomotive, which weighed 26 tons 19cwt, had 14 inch diameter outside cylinders and 3 feet 2½ inch diameter wheels.

The locomotive then spent time on the Battlefield Railway under the ownership of the Shackerstone Railway Society.

In 2001 the locomotive was purchased by a member of the Middleton Railway Trust and moved to the Middleton Railway. It is now being restored.

Peckett 2012 and 1493 at Market Bosworth Steam Railway (later called the Battlefield Railway) – March 1974
1493 at the Middleton Railway – October 2018

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