Peckett & Sons     Works No 2012 V47 0-4-0ST

Peckett 2012 NRM York June 2012.jpg

This Yorktown class locomotive was built by Peckett & Sons in 1941. It is one of the smallest standard gauge locomotives ever built and is believed to be the smallest working standard gauge steam locomotive in Britain

It was supplied new to the Ministry of Supply and was originally employed at the Creekmoor Royal Ordance Factory (ROF) at Poole. Not a lot of information exists about this site, but it would appear that it was used to manufacture aircraft guns during and after the Second World War.

Around 1944 the locomotive was moved to the ROF factory at Llanishen in Cardiff. This factory opened in 1940 for the construction of field guns and other weaponry during the Second World War. The explosives were supplied from ROF Bridgend. Over 20,000 people were employed there. In 1960 the establishment became part of the Atomic Weapons Establishment as AWE Cardiff to manufacture components for the nuclear weapons programme. All production ceased there in 1997.

In 1967 the locomotive was sold to J W Hardwick, Sons & Co Ltd of West Ewell in Surrey who sold it on to W Lees of Godalming for preservation but by this time it was short of part of its cab and buffers.

It was sold in 1972 to the Reverend Teddy Boston who initially moved it to the Market Bosworth Steam Railway (later called the Battlefield Railway). It was restored to steam there and given the name Herbert.

In July 1982 the locomotive moved to the Teddy Boston’s Cadeby Light Railway in July 1982 and here the buffers were replaced.

Following the closure and sale of the Cadeby Light Railway in 2005 the locomotive was bought by Rob Gambrill and Jeremy Martin and it was taken to the Lavender line at Isfield. At this time the locomotive had stood idle for more than twenty years but by 2007 it had been restored and moved under its own steam once again and was now equipped with a rebuilt cab. It was initially the mainstay of the lavender Line put its size meant that it soon became unsuitable and larger locomotives were used.

In early 2011 the locomotive changed hands again. Since then it has visited many heritage railways and a period at the National Railway Museum at York.

The locomotive now carries the name Teddy in honour of the Reverend Teddy Boston.

The locomotive is now based on the Chasewater Railway where towards the end of 2017 it was withdrawn from service to have a ten year overhaul.

In September 2020 it was reported that the locomotive had been put up for sale at a price of £45,000.

In June 2022 the locomotive was moved to the Battlefield Line which is near where the owner lives. It is planned to overhaul the locomotive at the Battlefield Line where it was returned to steam for the first time in preservation in 2012.

2012 and Hunslet 1493 at Market Bosworth Steam Railway (later called the Battlefield Railway) – March 1974
2012 at Shakerstone on what became the Battlefield Line – March 1978
Peckett 2012 at Cadeby Light Railway - November 1989.jpg
2012 at Cadeby Light Railway – November 1989
2012 on the Lavender Line – August 2010
Peckett 2012 NRM York June 2012.jpg
 2012 at the  NRM York – June 2012
Peckett 2012 at the Chasewater Railway - May 2018.jpg
2012 at the Chasewater Railway – May 2018
2012 at the Chasewater Railway – July 2019
2012 at Shakerstone on the Battlefield Railway – September 2022

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