Hunslet   Works No 2411 0-6-0ST

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This locomotive was built by the Hunslet Engine Company in 1941 as one of a class (50550 class) of eight locomotives which were built for Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd who planned to develop a quarry at Islip with a connection to the Corby steelworks. By the time the locomotives were built the project had been abandoned. Three of the eight locomotives built in 1941 and 1942 were taken over by the War Department, thus becoming the true forerunners of the WD Austerity type. Of the others one went to Stewarts & Lloyds Ltd, one to the Parkgate Iron & Steel Co. Ltd and three to the Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd.

Like the Austerity locomotives, which were to follow, these engines had 18 inch x 26 inch inside cylinders and a boiler pressure of 170psi. The wheels at 4 feet 0½ were slightly smaller, the weight at 49 tons 7cwt slightly heavier and the tractive effort at 26,280lbf slightly greater than the Austerity locomotives.

This locomotive (Works No 2411) was deployed at the Stewart s & Lloyds Ltd steelworks. It worked the trains of tube wagons from Corby Tubeworks to Corby Sidings during the 1950s and 1960 and was still working at the steelworks into the 1970s. By 1988 was at the Rutland Railway Museum.

It then moved to the Swindon & Cricklade Railway where it lay in a semi derelict state although the underlying structure and boiler are said to be in good condition with most of the associated fittings surviving.

Stories of its future range from it being restored at the Dean Forest Railway and gaining the name Gloria to it being used for spares for a classmate (Hunslet Works No 2413 Gunby).

In the event 2413 and 2411 moved to the Dean Forest Railway in February 2017.

2411 on Stewarts & Lloyds steeworks shed – May 1971
Hunslet 2411 at BSC Corby Iron & Steel Works – May 1972
2411 at Corby – March 1974

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