Peckett & Sons     Works No 1159 Annie 0-4-0ST

This locomotive was built in 1908 by Peckett & Sons as a standard R1 design. It was supplied new to the new paper mill of the Yates Duxbury Ltd at Bury where it was named Annie. It is one of three locomotives that was employed there on the line which connected to what is now the East Lancashire Railway line from Bury to Heywood. All three locomotive have been preserved. Peckett & Sons 1370 May is one of the other two.

Over the years the locomotive was maintained by Pecketts who fitted new boilers in 1928 and 1947. After Peckett & Sons went out of business around 1960 repairs had to be undertaken in house.

After being taken out of service in 1970 the locomotive initially moved to the Bury Transport Museum although already short of some parts which had gone missing. The museum realised that they could nor restore the locomotive and decided to scrap it.

In 1984 the locomotive was privately purchased (by John Furness) who subsequently restored it which resulted in it running on the Embsay & Bolton Steam Railway.

The locomotive was withdrawn from service in February 2003 for a ten year overhaul.

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