Peckett & Sons     Works No 2105 Rockerby 0-4-0ST

This is one of the class R4-S locomotives built by Peckett & Sons in 1948 for the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) to work at Croydon Power Station  B. The locomotives differed from the standard R4 class as they had to work in a restricted area where the coal wagons were tippled to unload. The loading gauge was reduced to 9 feet 10 inches compared with the 10 feet 8.5 inches of the standard locomotives so the cab roof was lower. All three locomotives have been preserved.

This locomotive was delivered to Croydon A in 1952 but moved to Croydon B very soon afterwards.

Planning for Croydon B started in 1939 but because of delays caused by the Second World War it did not open until 1950. Coal delivered to the site was shunted by the three Peckett locomotives (Works Nos 2103, 2104 and 2105). These three steam locomotives were superseded by diesels in the 1960s. 2104 and 2105 were set aside as spares until 1972, when they were sold off.

Delivered in 1952 to Croydon Power Station “A,” it was quickly transferred to the “B” unit. Here it joined 2103 and 2104. Replaced by diesels in the late 1960s, 2104 and 2105 were set aside as spares until 1972, when they were sold off. The loco arrived at Buckinghamshire on 14 December 197

2105 was purchased by a Quainton Railway Society member and moved to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre in December 1972. The locomotive was given the name Rokeby here and has operated at Quainton.

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