Pet  0-4-0T  L&NWR  (Narrow Gauge) 


Power Classification
Introduced 1865
Company London & North Western Railway
Weight – Loco t cwt
Driving Wheels 1ft 4¼ins
Boiler Pressure psi
Cylinders Inside – 5½in x 6in
Tractive Effort lbf
Valve Gear

Pet is one of a series of seven locomotives used for shunting over the 18in gauge system in Crewe works. Pet was built in 1865.

The railway devised by John Ramsbottom, which was used for transporting boilers and other heavy parts of machinery around the works was abandoned in1929 and the locomotives scrapped with the exception of Pet which was preserved in the paint shop. This system was finally abandoned in LMS days in 1935, but not before the recent purchase, in December 1930, of a small diesel locomotive for it.

It has spent time at the Talyllyn Narrow Gauge Museum at Towyn but is now on static display as part of the National Collection in the National Railway Museum at York.


Home Base Current Status Owner
National Railway Museum – York Static display National Railway Museum NRM Object Number{1978-7014}
Peta.jpg Pet in the National Railway Museum at York-2017
Pet.jpg Pet in the National Railway Museum at York-2017

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