Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn     Works No 7761    S&L No 63 Corby 0-6-0ST

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Immediately after the Second World War Stewarts & Lloyds began a process of improving the ironstone branches serving the large iron and steel plant at Corby. One outlying ironstone pit at Harringworth was isolated from the main system, and ore from it had to be conveyed over a stretch of the LMSR. To obviate this the company extended their own system of quarry lines to reach Harringworth, and for this long-haul traffic they ordered seven powerful saddle tanks to their own detailed requirements.

A batch of seven locomotives (Works Nos 7667-7673) was delivered to Stewart & Lloyds in 1950 and became S&L 56-62.

Two further locomotives (Works Nos 7761 & 8050) were built in 1954 and in 1958 bringing the class total to nine engines. This locomotive, 7761 became S& L 63.

They were known as Uglies due to their short saddle tanks and larger fireboxes. These give them a somewhat ungainly appearance, but they are a more powerful locomotive than the Hunslet Austerities

Austerity – J94 Ugly
Weight 48t 5cwt 53t 0cwt
Driving Wheels 4ft 3ins 4ft 0ins
Boiler Pressure 170psi 180psi
Cylinders Inside – 18in x 26in Inside – 18in x 26in
Tractive Effort 23,870lbf 26,850lbf

All of the locomotives of this class were withdrawn from service in 1969 when they were replaced by diesel traction. Five of the nine locomotives have since been preserved – Works Nos 7667, 7668, 7671, 7673 and 7761.

Three of the locomotives (Works Nos 7668, 7673 & 7761) were bought by Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Preservation Society members and arrived at Haworth in May (7761) and June (7668 & 7673) 1969.

All three locomotives saw service on passenger trains on the Keighley Worth Valley Railway (KWVR) following considerable work on the bottom ends.

The locomotive was operational on the KWVR in the mid 1980s.

At some time the locomotive was moved to the Great Central Railway at Nottingham where it was returned to steam again in December 2011.

The locomotive is currently operational on the Great Central Railway – Nottingham.

RSH 7761 Ruddington Feb 2012.jpg 7761 at Ruddington on the Great Central Railway at Nottingham –  February 2012

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