South Durham Steel and Iron Co         Malleable No 5 0-4-0ST

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It is believed that this locomotive was built 1873 by the South Durham Steel and Iron Co. at their Grange works in Stockton.. Another theory is that it was built at Grange Iron Co at Belmont in county Durham.

It may have been built using a mix of parts from other engines or the general spares stock and it is likely that some of the parts came from a Black, Hawthorn Co locomotive. It became Malleable No 5.

It would spend all its working life at the South Durham Malleable steelworks on Teeside and remained in use until about 1918.

The boiler on the locomotive is thought to be a replacement built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn in the 1950s.

The locomotive was returned to steam on the Tanfield Railway in the 1970s when Beamish Museum also used the Marley Hill Shed to house its locomotives. By the time the Beamish locomotive  collection had moved to the Beamish Museum Site No5 was out of use and has been ever since.

In 2018 the locomotive which is on display at the Mining Village at Beamish Museum was given a cosmetic makeover.

No5 at unknown location and date but probably during early 1960s
Malleable at Beamish – June 1976
No 5 at Beamish Museum – October 2015
No 5 at Beamish Museum – April 2018

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