USATC 2138

2138 was built by the American Locomotive Company in 1943 and shipped to Britain aboard the Ralph Waldo Emerson which arrived in Hull in May 1943.

As an arrival at an East Coast port it was the responsibility of the LNER to run the locomotive in but it was then deployed on the GWR before being shipped

Worked in Britain on GWR until returned to USATC for shipment overseas in 1944.

After the Second Word War it was retained for service in Hungary as number 411.380.

It was one of 510 examples, bought at $100,000 each by the Hungarian State Railway (MAV). Of these 510, 484 were put into use and allocated service numbers from 411.001 onwards, and 26 cannibalized for spares.

The need for the S160 locomotives in Hungary was a result of the level of damage and destruction suffered by the railways in Hungary during the war. Much of the rolling stock was either destroyed or distributed to other European countries meaning that only 213 locomotives remained in the country.

It was brought Great Central Railway (Nottingham) at Ruddington from Hungary to act as a source spares for classmate USATC 1631.

In August 2022 it was announced that the locomotive had been put up for sale along with USATC 1631 and USATC 2364.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Great Central Railway (Nottingham) Used for spares Mike Fairburn

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