Andrew Barclay Works No 2239   Mr Therm 0-4-0ST

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This locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay at Kilmarnock in 1947 and worked at the Gas Works in Aberdeen where it became Mr Therm. It was the fifth and last steam locomotive built for the Aberdeen Gas Works. As well as this locomotive Andrew Barclay Works numbers 807 built in 1897and 1889 built in 1925 have also been preserved.

The name Mr Therm is after the character created in 1931 by artist and illustrator Eric Fraser for the Gas Light & Coke Company and used in the British gas industry’s advertising until the 1970s.

By the 1930s there were three locomotives at Aberdeen and these were fully employed and there was a problem if one of the three was out of traffic. The situation was relieved in 1947 with the addition of 2239. The locomotives were employed to ferry coal from the nearby harbour to the gas works. As the railway ran alongside public roads the locomotives were fitted with side skirts which covered their motions.

The locomotives were replaced by diesels in 1964.

The three preserved locomotives were transferred to Aberdeen Council and stored at the nearby Ferryhill motive power depot.

Two locomotives were donated to railway preservation societies. 807 went to the Brechin Railway Society in 1980 and 1889 to the Ayrshire Railway Preservation Group at Dalmellington in 1979.

2239 was retired to Seaton Park in Aberdeen as a focal point in the children’s playground.

After 40 years in the open air the locomotive and its waggons were removed in May 2016. This was followed by A £60,000 cosmetic restoration by David Ogilvie Engineering Ltd in Kilmarnock.

In June 2018 the locomotive was returned to Aberdeen in pieces which were assembled in Seaton Park in Aberdeen. The cab area has been made hazard free to allow children to play in it and has steps on one side and a slide on the other.

2239 At Aberdeen gas works – October 1969
AB 2239 in Seaton Park - September 2015.jpg
2239 in Seaton Park, Aberdeen – September 2015

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