30102 (LSWR 102, SR E102 & BR 30102)


30102 was built at Nine Elms in 1893 and spent most of its working life at Eastleigh Works. It spent some time at Southampton Docks where it was given the name Granville. Like 30096 it spent its last years shunting at Winchester goods yard.

It was withdrawn in 1963 and sold to Butlins who displayed it at the holiday camp at Ayr. In 1971 it was sent to Bressingham Steam Museum for preservation where it remains on static display.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Bressingham Steam Museum Static display
30102 at Eastleigh - October 1962.jpg 30102 at Eastleigh – October 1962
30102 at Eastleigh - June 1964.jpg 30102 at Eastleigh – June 1964
30102 at Bressingham-2014.jpg 30102 in Bressingham Steam Museum-2014
30102-Bressingham-2017.jpg 30102 in Bressingham Steam Museum-2017

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