Peckett & Sons     Works No 1893    Ironbridge No 2 0-4-0ST

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This class W6 locomotive was built by Peckett & Sons to work at Ironbridge Power Station in 1936 where it became Ironbridge No 2. Ironbridge No 1 (Works No 1803) had been was delivered by Peckett & Sons three years earlier and Ironbridge No 3 (Works No 1990) in 1940. All three were class W5 locomotives. all were registered to run over the GWR for shunting purposes and all three have been preserved.

Construction of the first Ironbridge Power Station (later to become known as Ironbridge A Power Station) began in 1929, and the first phase was completed in 1932. The full generating capacity of Ironbridge A was not realised until major expansions and the commissioning of extra boilers and generating sets had been completed in 1939. This gave the A Station a total generating output of 200 megawatts.

1893 was transferred to Birchills Power Station at Walsall in July 1951 and then moved on to Stourport in January 1958. At Stourport it joined two other locomotives.

The Stourport Power Station branch was originally constructed in 1940 and had a connection to what is now the Severn Valley Railway.

It was then moved to the Titanic Steamship Company at Ellerstone in Staffordshire in August 1977.

By 1988 it was to be found at the Great Western Railway Museum at Coleford in Gloucestershire. It was restored there between 2002 and 2005 and is now displayed there on a very short stretch of track along with some GWR rolling stock. It is only fired up for the Coleford Carnival of Transport in April every year and other special open days although the length of track prohibits any movement.

It was reported in the summer of 2020 that the locomotive was operational.

1893 at Stourport Power Station – 1972
P 1893.jpg
1893 at CEGB Stourport Power Station – October 1972

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