3840  County of Montgomery

In early 2018 the Churchward County Trust announced that they intended to build a new 4-4-0 County class locomotive which would become 3840 County of Montgomery.

The plan is that the locomotive will be assembled at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.

The new build will utilise the boiler from 2-8-0T 5227 at Didcot and patterns made for the construction of 2999 Lady of Legend.

The Great Western Society is providing a large number of parts for the project including bogie wheels, axleboxes and a suitable 3,500 gallon tender chassis. These will remain owned by the Great Western Society until the fund raising capabilities for the new build have been demonstrated.

It is thought that the locomotive could steam as early as 2028 but 2033 is considered to be a more realistic target date. The overall cost of the project is predicted to be between £1 and £1.5 million.

In July it was announced that an order had been placed with Tata Steel of Wednesfield to produce the frames for the locomotive.

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