47357 (LMS 16440, LMS 7357 & BR 47357)

47357 as LMS 16440 at Butterley - April 1983.jpg

47357 built in Glasgow in 1926 by the North British Locomotive Company Ltd. and entered service as LMS number 16410. It was renumbered 7357 in 1934.

Under BR it was numbered 47357 and was first allocated to Willesden and then to Liverpool Edge Hill in April 1950 where it was withdrawn from service in December 1966. It was then sold to Woodham Brothers scrapyard at Barry and arrived there in November 1967. It left there in July 1970 after it was purchased by the Midland Railway Trust and moved to Derby for restoration work.

47357 got some fame for being the last steam train to be restored at Derby works and was also the first Jinty to enter service at Buttersley in June 1973.

The 3F moved back to the Midland Railway Centre with the LMS running number of 16440.

After 47357 did sterling service at the Midland Railway Centre at Butterley the locomotive was withdrawn for a major overhaul, but unfortunately due to the cost involved the locomotive is awaiting overhaul in a non operational condition. An appeal was set up in 2011 to raise funds to enable the work required to be undertaken.

In 2017 the boiler was sent to the North Norfolk railway for contract overhaul. The axleboxes were whitemetalled at the Great Central Railway. It is hoped that the engine will return to steam in 2018.

The date of its return to service is now thought to be later than 2018 as it was discovered that the cylinder blocks will need to be replaced. The boiler for the locomotive is being overhauled at the North Norfolk Railway.

This locomotive is owned by Derby City Museums and Art Gallery and long term lease to the Midland Railway Trust.

Home Base Current Status Owner
Midland Railway Centre at Butterly Undergoing overhaul Derby City Museums and Art Gallery
47357 as LMS 16440 at Butterley - April 1983.jpg 47357 as LMS 16440 at Butterley – April 1983

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